Google Maps in OpenLaszlo


Google Maps in OpenLaszlo:

I wanted an example that:

* Embedded Google maps in a clean, developer-friendly way.
* Was full-featured (allowed a user to search for an address, and add a marker there).
* Passed information (such as where to add a marker) from the OpenLaszlo application to the map component.
* Passed information (such as the address of the marker that a user clicked) from the map to an object in the OpenLaszlo namespace.

Note that the Google Maps geocoding service is Flash-specific. Even though it passes XML back to the client, you need to use Google’s Flash-based APIs to call it. I didn’t want to do this; I wanted my example to perform the search in OpenLaszlo, and pass instructions to the map component. So I used Yahoo Maps’ excellent geocoding service.

Here are the instructions on how to do this

A great article by Antun on embedding Gogle maps in OpenLaszlo.

Nice thing is that this looks to work well for a project I’m looking at doing as well. Thanks, Antun!

CSS in OpenLaszlo


CSS in OpenLaszlo:

It’s been over a month since my last (proper) post. I’ve been heads-down on a Webtop project. One feature that I had to become familiar with for this was CSS. Yes, OpenLaszlo has included support for CSS for some time, although it wasn’t documented. CSS was added to OpenLaszlo specifically to support the Webtop product. Webtop is customizable, but the client (i.e. OpenLaszlo) libraries are precompiled into .lzo files, so developers cannot modify them directly when they want to skin the product.

CSS works in OpenLaszlo 4.1.1 and 4.0.13. I haven’t tried it in the 4.2 branch.

For those of you who don’t read Antun’s blog, I wanted to make sure you saw his latest on using CSS in OpenLaszlo. Some nice functionality here!